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0 to 300K Visitors in 14 Days

As a fun project I decided to build a gaming player statistics website called gta5stats.com. I built the website in just over 18 hours and wasn’t meant to be a money generating site but stumbled upon the idea while looking at some statistical anomalies on the game Grand Theft Auto.

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Integrating with Quickbooks, Freshbooks and Xero

I’ve been on a mission these past few weeks but am proud to announce that I’ve successfully integrated CBACFunding.com with Quickbooks, Freshbooks and Xero. The integration allows users to signup in seconds, importing all their clients, invoices, and company information to the platform. This process use to take several minutes with previous versions of the signup process.

There were several coding challenges during the process including trying to work with defunct libraries with horrible documentation. I ended up building my own custom libraries to allow for future improvements and expansions in the upcoming months. The next step is to get approved for the add-on directories for the respected sites. This process is a very technical process where the Software developers scrutinize your integrations and determine whether the application will be an asset to their users.

New Business Ideas

With our upcoming move to the Dominican Republic, I’ve come up with a few ideas that I think might make some decent revenue.

Jet Surf Board Rental – Check out the video below. They’re awesome.

Jet Ski Rental

I previously owned a Jet Ski Rental company in Rhode Island during college. I feel that the new technology of the Jet Surf Board would be a little more hip and eye catching to a tourist.

FlyBoard – The video explains it all.

Let me know what you think.

Upcoming Dominican Republic Vacation

After working for several months non-stop, I’ll be glad to get away for a little while. I’ll be able to clear my mind of all my new business ventures. I already know I’m gonna want to work when I’m down there but I really need to take time to relax. I know it will be a while before I’ll get a chance to get away again.

I plan on doing some adventurous activities while down there. The nightlife should also be a good time.

Well this is the first post on my new blog so I’ll be writing again very soon.