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0 to 300K Visitors in 14 Days

As a fun project I decided to build a gaming player statistics website called gta5stats.com. I built the website in just over 18 hours and wasn’t meant to be a money generating site but stumbled upon the idea while looking at some statistical anomalies on the game Grand Theft Auto.

The reason for writing this article is to show the results of 18 hours of coding and the power of social networking. While this isn’t the first site I’ve had generate over 250k in less than 30 days, it is the first site I could really sit back and watch it happen.

The first site I built that went viral was another gaming platform called spuko.com. Spuko exploded to over 30k visitors per day after only being live for 10 days. At that time I was just learning PHP and struggled to meet the expectations and performance from such a mass audience.

This time around hasn’t been easy but when building the site I built in checks, balances, error handling, and alerts to help with problems as they arise. This makes my life much easier when debugging.

So, what do you think ?